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Welcome to the Ewenique Boutique! A signature feature of the Great Plains Bearded Collie Club, the Ewenique Boutique first opened at the 2004 BCCA National Specialty held in Fort Collins, Colorado. Designed as a fundraiser for GPBCC who was slated to host the 2005 BCCA National Specialty in Omaha, NE, the concept proved to be one that the discerning Beardie community embraced. Some 12 years later, GPBCC is hosting the BCCA National Specialty, September 30-October 6, 2017 at Purina Farms. And, once again, the Ewenique Boutique has gathered some unique and ewes-ful sheep items for sale as an initial fundraiser to underwrite the cost of events we are planning for the 2017 National. We hope you find some items of interest-from a lovely sheep mug, to a holiday item, to a fanciful "storybook sheep" with a PHD duck. While we specialize in sheep items, you can be assured that you will never get "fleeced" at the Ewenique Boutique!

StoryBook Sheep

Imagine if the daily activities of sheep and ducks took on a life of their own. Such are the lives of Ewenique Boutique's Storybook Sheep. Dressed and with a short story in hand, a Storybook Sheep is just waiting for you to give it a new and loving home. Each sheep is a collector item and makes a wonderful gift for anyone one who believes in the magic of imagination.

Cris Baa-tti
Famous classical trumpeter Cris Baa-tti
recently won Top Country
R and B Performer in Nashville
for his performance of Johann
Sebastian Baach’s “That Sheep
May Safely Graze Unplugged”.  
Said Baa-tti during an interview,
“Thanks to the popular music scene,
I will never go Baroque again!Sheep with Trumpet
Daffney Duck Daffney Duck, reknowned inventor of duck tape (not to be confused with duct tape) recently went back to college to get her PHD or Professional Herding Duck certificate. Her dissertation entitled, “From the X-Pen to the Z Shoot-Teaching the ABC’s of Herding”, published by Simon and Sch-ewe-ster, will be available in Fall 2017.
Daffney Duck
Baa-roness Von Richthofen Few know that the Red Baa-ron’s wife, the Baa-roness Von Rich- thofen was an accomplished aviatrix. When asked how she became interested in flying, the Baa-roness replied, “Oh, I just wanted to take the occasional balloon ride, but my husband insisted I become a frequent flyer.Sheep figure Baah B. Bee, a honey of a lamb, is always busy buzzing here and there around the farm tasting the nectar of life. Known for her lovely melodic buzz, Baa B.’s motto is “Don’t bee flat; don’t bee sharp; just bee natural.”Sheep Bee
Winnie Woolsey Winnie Woolsey is considered one of the finest farm to table chefs around. Rivaling Emeril Lagasse in panache and bravura, few know that Winnie was the first chef to use the term “Ba-a-a-m!” after accidentally dropping a bucket of oats on her hoof. The rest of the herd thought she said something else!Female sheep Betty Bleat Betty Bleat, known in Beardie herding circles as "Baa-Witched" is a Shetland sheep who loves to “spook” Beardies. A favorite antic is to put on her witch’s costume and hide in the Z shoot. When a Beardie comes zooming by, Betty pops out and yells, “Trick or Treat!” Witnesses say, they have seen Beardies fly higher than a witch on a broomstick and land smack dab in the exhaust pen-a real Beardie boo-boo.
Shetland Sheep

We also have several sheep theme items for sale: Sheep Mug, Sheep Pillow, Holiday Ornament, and Sheep Themed socks.

Coffee Mug

Sheep Pillow

Sheep Ornament

sheep themed socks

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